Taiwan Dong Fu Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, research and development focused on herbal health food, has its own R & D team, distributed in various parts of Taiwan province, combined with a variety of research and development, areas of expertise cover modern medicine, herbal medicine, biochemistry, nutrition and other of health, in addition DFB also with academic units Industry Cooperation, in order to accelerate development of the product, to fight aging, meanwhile commissioned a professional contract, and for process monitoring, inherited GMP quality standards, to confirm the effective active ingredients, to produce high-quality, fast and safe product effect.


Biotech industry have been designated as key industries in all advanced countries, in the global economy and the markets began to play a pivotal, battleground roles, its R & D capabilities in biotechnology industry is a major key to competitiveness, the order of the world top three countries Germany, Taiwan, United States, Taiwan after Germany, ranked second in the world,DFB not only have top R & D teams,with excellent high standard and the most stringent quality control test,also has a high-quality production line, coupled with the development of business integrity and conscience, increasingly important in the biotech industry, DFB has a great competitive advantage.


DFB Technology Co., Ltd. (Biomedical Research and Development Group)
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